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Linda Connolly and Tina O'Toole Documenting Irish Feminisms




Documenting Irish Feminisms
The Second Wave

Documenting Irish Feminisms charts the development of second-wave feminism in Ireland. An extensive range of primary sources (including documents, photographs and other visual sources) which have not been available in the public domain since their initial use in political activism are examined and reproduced in each chapter. A number of themes in the analysis of Irish feminist politics in the period from the 1970s to the 1990s are introduced and advanced in this unique and comprehensive volume, including: the emergence of pioneering feminist groups and organisations in the 1970s; reproductive rights and activism; the legal system and the State; the development of cultural projects in Irish feminist politics; feminism and Northern Ireland; lesbian activism; class; and education. A range of new sources now available for the further study of second-wave feminism in Ireland are highlighted in the analysis of each theme. This book will be an invaluable resource for students and researchers in the fields of history, sociology, politics, Irish studies and women's studies.

List of Abbreviations
1. The Emergence of Second-wave Feminism in Ireland
2. The Politics of the Body: Fertility Control and Reproduction
3. Feminism, Politics and Society
4. Feminist Cultural Projects
5. Feminism and Northern Ireland
6. Lesbian Activism
7. Feminism, Community and Class
8. Education and Feminist Studies

Linda Connolly is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at University College Cork. Her other books include the monograph The Irish Women's Movement: From Revolution to Devolution (Dublin: Lilliput Press/London and New York: Macmillan/Palgrave, 2003) and the co-edited collection Social Movements and Ireland (forthcoming, Manchester University Press, 2005).

Tina O'Toole lectures at the Department of Languages & Cultural Studies, University of Limerick. She took her PhD on the New Woman activists and writers of the 1890s at the English Department, University College Cork, and has held research fellowships there, at the University of Ottawa, and at the Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University Belfast. She is the general editor of the Dictionary of Munster Women Writers 1800-2000 (Cork University Press, 2005) and is currently working on a monograph on the New Woman project.

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(Publication date: February 2005)

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